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FRIZONIA was founded in 1992 by experts in the fields of air conditioning and refrigeration systems and is at present specialized in the project development, supply, installation and after-sales service of air conditioning and refrigeration systems for application in the industrial, shipbuilding, offshore and defence sectors.

However, Frizonia born from an important industrial group in 1973.


Frizonia’s designs incorporate components and equipment from the leading brands of the field and are adapted to all possible customer requirements in respect to these brands and their technical characteristics.


Therefore Frizonia manufactures all kinds of systems for special applications or with special technical characteristics and consults the leading brands with regard to equipment of more standard characteristics.


Frizonia’s registered offices and workshops are located in the “Fadricas” Industrial Estate, San Fernando, Cádiz (Spain) near the Gibraltar Strait and is also represented by agents in the main cities on the Spanish coast, such as Valencia, Barcelona, Bilbao and La Coruña.



Frizonia is committed to an R&D policy which has contributed to Frizonia’s leading position in this market and, to this end, allocates the budgetary funds necessary to maintain this policy.


As a result, Frizonia has its own R&D department to develop new systems and provide technical support to the company.

Frizonia has been awarded the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certificate, the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Certificate, the ISO 18001:2008 Health and Safety Certification and also the Pecal 110 Certificate.




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