FRIZONIA gets the contract for the HVAC system of a new BDA MKII vessel for COTECMAR


FRIZONIA has been hired to develop the Engineering, Manufacturing and Supply of the HVAC System and cold rooms for a new amphibious landing vessel (BDA) MKII for COTECMAR.

As in recent years, COTECMAR will build a new unit of the BDA vessel for the Colombian Navy (ARC). These units have been designed to develop humanitarian aid operations for the population and logistical support to military bases on land. These units transport personnel, vehicles, machinery and supplies, among others.

FRIZONIA we are very proud to participate once again with COTECMAR in the development of this unit for the ARC.


FRIZONIA is present at the handing over of the ship BAM "Furor" by NAVANTIA to the Spanish Navy


Last January 21st, 2019, at the Arsenal de Ferrol (Galicia), Navantia handed over the Maritime Action Ship (BAM) "Furor" to the Spanish Navy. The ceremony was attended by several political and military authorities, including the presence of the Minister of Defense, Mrs. Margarita Robles and the president of the Xunta de Galicia, Mr. Alberto Núñez Feijoo; also the president of Navantia, Doña Susana de Sarriá.

The act has been developed following the usual procedure of the maritime ceremonial, beginning with the inspection of the ship and the signing of the documentation of receipt of the vessel. After the ceremony, the Minister of Defense and the authorities who have accompanied him have climbed aboard to greet the crew and make a brief tour of its interior.

This is the sixth vessel of the BAM program of the Spanish Navy. The BAMs are modern ships with advanced technology, moderate size, high performance, great versatility, high level of interaction with other Navy ships and with a reduced acquisition cost and life cycle. The new ship of the Spanish Navy will be based on the Military Arsenal of Cartagena.

The ship's capabilities allow it to carry out missions such as monitoring maritime pollution, acting as a hospital in case of humanitarian catastrophe or fighting piracy in international waters. It has the most modern combat and communications systems, as well as habitability elements superior to those recommended by the NATO regulations. The BAM "Furor" displaces 2,840 tons, has a length of 93.90 meters, 14.20 meters of beam, and can reach a speed of 20.5 knots.

FRIZONIA has successfully completed the HVAC System contract of the vessel on date and to the customer's satisfaction. At FRIZONIA, we are proud to participate in this emblematic project for our Spanish Navy.


FRIZONIA has supplied the ventilation equipment of the ASP Machine House building of the new Steel Complex in Algeria


FRIZONIA has supplied the ventilation equipment of the ASP Machine House technical building (engine room of the air separation plant) for the Steel Complex currently under construction in Algeria.

In particular, there are four air supply modules and two extraction modules. They are huge equipment, which circulate a total of 145000 m3/h of filtered air. Despite the high work flow, these equipment have silencing units that attenuate the propagation of noise to the outside.

This industrial steel complex will reduce imports costs in Algeria, which amount to 10 billion dollars per year.


FRIZONIA carries out the commissioning of the refrigeration system for the provision stores of the ship ARM "Jalisco" for SEMAR


FRIZONIA has carried out the commissioning of the refrigeration system for provision stores for the ship ARM "Jalisco", under construction at Astilleros de la Marina Nº 20, in Salina Cruz (Oaxaca) for the Secretary of the Navy and Navy Mexican (SEMAR).

The ARM "Jalisco" is an oceanic patrol boat (OPV) of the class "Oaxaca", 86m in length. The oceanic patrollers of this class, have the mission of carrying out patrol and surveillance operations in the Exclusive Economic Zone to maintain the Rule of Law at sea; in addition to conducting search and rescue operations to safeguard human life, as well as actions to support the civilian population that guarantee the physical safety of people in disaster situations.


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