FRIZONIA has given a specific training course for Operation and Maintenance on board the HVAC System for the crew of the new BAM ship "Audaz" of the Spanish Navy


As part of the contract signed with NAVANTIA regarding the supply of the HVAC system of the two new Maritime Action Vessels (BAM program), for the Spanish Navy, from the 7th to the 11th of May FRIZONIA gave a specific training course on Operation and Maintenance on board of the HVAC System for the crew of the new ship BAM 5 "Audaz", at the Navantia facilities in San Fernando.

We want to thank the confidence that NAVANTIA and the Spanish Navy have placed in FRIZONIA once again. We are proud to collaborate in the training of the ship's crew. We believe that adequate training is the key to success in the maintenance and operation of on-board systems.

After completing the theoretical-practical course, the ship's crew is able to manage and maintain the entire system on board, including the use of the help and simulation tools, as well as to interpret the plans, diagrams and configurations, detect faults and use all the necessary tools and instruments to carry out correct corrective and preventive maintenance operations.


FRIZONIA receives the inspection of SEMAR for the equipment of the ship ARM "Jalisco"


The last 19th of April, we had the pleasure of receiving at our facilities in San Fernando in Cádiz (Spain) the visit of the representative of the SEMAR "Secretariat of Navy and Mexican Navy" to carry out the inspection of equipment and materials that FRIZONIA has manufactured for the HVAC system of the ship ARM "Jalisco", currently under construction in Mexico.

For this supervision, we have been proud to attend to Mr. Vice-Admiral Fernando Alfonso Angli (Naval Attaché of Mexico in Spain) and Mr. Captain Jaime Manuel Mejía Mora (Deputy to the Naval Attaché of Mexico in Spain).

During this visit the degree of quality of the equipment manufactured and the availability of the same for immediate delivery has been verified. The result was totally satisfactory for both parties and reflects the fulfillment of FRIZONIA deadlines and qualities, strengthening its already close relationship with the Mexican Navy.


FRIZONIA desarrolla las pruebas FAT de las Plantas Enfriadoras de las gambuzas del buque AAOR


Last February, the FAT tests of the refrigeration plants for the first vessel AAOR (Australian Auxiliary Oiler Replanishment) for the Australian Navy were made at our facilities in San Fernando in Cádiz (Spain). Its development was done with inspectors from the Navantia Ferrol test team.

The purpose of the FAT tests is to inspect the system in factory accordance with the demanding protocols defined with Navantia Ferrol and the Australian Navy. During the FAT tests, all the components of the system have been reviewed with SUCCESS and the consequent acceptance of the equipment by the customer.


FRIZONIA has been hired for the HVAC system of the ship ARM "Estado de México" for SEMAR


FRIZONIA is proud to have been hired for the contract for the Engineering, Supply of Equipment and components and the commissioning of the HVAC System for the vessel ARM "Estado de México", in construction at Astilleros de la Marina Nº 20, in Salina Cruz (Oaxaca) for the Secretary of the Navy and Mexican Navy (SEMAR).

The ARM "Estado de México" is an oceanic patrol boat (OPV) of the class "Oaxaca", with 86m in length. The oceanic patrollers of this class, have the mission of carrying out patrol and surveillance operations in the Exclusive Economic Zone to maintain the Rule of Law at sea; in addition to search and rescue operations to safeguard human life, as well as actions to support the civilian population that guarantee the physical safety of people in disaster situations.

FRIZONIA is proud to have participated in the previous ships of this series, such as the ARM "Chiapas", the ARM "Hidalgo" and the ARM "Jalisco".


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