Delivery of the "Audaz" Maritime Action Ship to the Spanish Navy


On July 27 in San Fernando, the ceremony of delivery of the Maritime Action Ship "Audaz" to the Spanish Navy was carried out by Navantia.

FRIZONIA has completed successfully the contract about the HVAC System of the vessel on date and to the customer's satisfaction. The new vessel allows the maximum efficiency in logistics and an optimization of human resources to carry out missions of sea control in low intensity scenarios, with a capacity to dissuade and react to conventional threats of small draft , especially in ocean scenarios or far from the coast.

At FRIZONIA we are proud to participate in these emblematic projects for our Spanish Navy.


FRIZONIA carried out the commissioning of the HVAC system of the vessel BDA MKII-URR for COTECMAR


FRIZONIA has successfully carried out the commissioning of the HVAC System and cold room equipment for the vessel BDA MKII-URR (Amphibious Disembarkation Ship, Rapid Reaction Unit), built in the COTECMAR shipyards in Cartagena de Índias (Colombia) and that will be delivered to the Colombian Navy.

This BDA has internal characteristics different from those of its predecessors and can accommodate two Safe Boats Apostle 410 coastguard units. Thanks to the 10 Ton crane and its 12mts arm, it allows the rapid unloading of the units, being able to face any type of operation of maritime control against drug trafficking or transnational crime.


FRIZONIA concludes its contract for Submarine S-81 Plus "Isaac Peral" of the Spanish Navy


Within the agreement already announced between NAVANTIA and FRIZONIA relating to the S-80 project, the supply has been made in accordance with the contract for the distribution system of Air Conditioning of Submarine S-81P "Isaac Peral" for the Spanish Navy that is being built in Navantia in its factory in Cartagena (Murcia).

The S80 program is especially demanding in terms of quality requirements, space limitations and weights. Within the scope of supply, very specific engineering calculations have been developed, such as CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) calculations and verification calculations for subsequent Shock Tests.

The crash tests established for the requirements of the project have been carried out successfully in Navantia Cartagena.

FRIZONIA we are proud to be able to participate with Navantia in this demanding and highly specialized program.


FRIZONIA has given a specific training course for Operation and Maintenance on board the HVAC System for the crew of the new BAM ship "Audaz" of the Spanish Navy


As part of the contract signed with NAVANTIA regarding the supply of the HVAC system of the two new Maritime Action Vessels (BAM program), for the Spanish Navy, from the 7th to the 11th of May FRIZONIA gave a specific training course on Operation and Maintenance on board of the HVAC System for the crew of the new ship BAM 5 "Audaz", at the Navantia facilities in San Fernando.

We want to thank the confidence that NAVANTIA and the Spanish Navy have placed in FRIZONIA once again. We are proud to collaborate in the training of the ship's crew. We believe that adequate training is the key to success in the maintenance and operation of on-board systems.

After completing the theoretical-practical course, the ship's crew is able to manage and maintain the entire system on board, including the use of the help and simulation tools, as well as to interpret the plans, diagrams and configurations, detect faults and use all the necessary tools and instruments to carry out correct corrective and preventive maintenance operations.


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