Services Portfolio

As an experienced specialist company in air conditioning and cooling systems, FRIZONIA is an excellent partner for ship-owners, shipyards, EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) companies and engineering companies, and is capable of providing the following services:
  • Analyse the requested system applications and requirements.
  • Provide the necessary basic engineering adapted to the requirements of the client, the classification societies and the international authorities.
  • Carry out the detailed engineering of the systems.
  • Coordinate the integration of the systems with the rest of the vessel’s systems.
  • Supply all the necessary equipment and components.
  • Execute the full installation of the system, including all closely associated work (steel work, piping, electricity, etc.).
  • Carry out the commissioning and final delivery of the systems.
  • Provide all the necessary documentation for the operation and preventative/ corrective maintenance of the system.
  • Training courses for end-users.
  • After sales and spare part services.


Products Portfolio

Visit our Product Catalogue. We design and supply all types of air conditioning and cooling systems, such as:

  • High pressure systems (single or double duct) and constant or variable flow.
  • Ambient control (local / global).
  • Pre-heating and post-heating (electric / steam / thermal fluid).
  • Mechanical ventilation systems in accommodation and technical spaces (engine room, etc.)
  • Pressurizing and filtering systems (safety areas, NBQ).
  • Humidifying / Dehumidifying.
  • Chilled water plants / direct expansion cooling systems.
  • Defrosting systems.

  • Cooling systems for refrigerated provision stores and holds.
  • Freezing tunnels.
  • Freezing cabinets.


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