FRIZONIA has been selected for developing the engineering and supply of equipment for the enhancement of the heating system of the ARC “20 de Julio” unit.

This is the ship ARC “20 de Julio” , an ocean patrol type OCV-80 has been considered by international experts in the marine industry as an example of technological development and the maritime industry in Colombia.

It will for the first time to Antarctica in an expedition will start on 16th December and they will be back on March 12, 2015.

The expedition has been planned and is managed by the Navy of Colombia (ARC) through the Chief of Naval Operations , the Directorate General Maritime (DIMAR) and Colombian Ocean Commission (BCC), in order to start the second National Antarctic phase program of designating own ships travelling the “white continent” for ongoing scientific research.

The ship carried 21 researchers from 16 institutions between local and international.

Colombia acceded to the Antarctic Treaty in the year 1989. In it the international administration of the Antarctic region, which is based on an exclusive use for peaceful purposes, a large contribution to scientific knowledge is established.