FRIZONIA has been hired to supply, supervise the assembly and the commissioning of the HVAC system of the “ARM Hidalgo” Oceanic Patrol Vessel, under construction at the Astilleros de la Marina Nº 20 in Salina Cruz (Oaxaca) for the Secretaria de Marina, Mexican Navy.

This new vessel, ARM “Hidalgo” (PO-166), will have the mission of patrolling and carry out surveillance operations in the Exclusive Economic Zone to maintain the rule of law at sea; furthermore it will do rescue operations to safeguard human life, supporting the civilian population to ensure the physical safety of people in disaster situations. The ship will have a length of 86 meters, and an 11-meter sleeve, in addition to being able to navigate 8500 nautical miles or 30 days of autonomy, its displacement will be 1860 tons and its speed could be 20 knots per hour, it can accommodate up to 120 Crew.