COTECMAR and FRIZONIA sign the contract to develop the PAF-L HVAC system

COTECMAR and FRIZONIA signed the contract to develop the PAF-L HVAC system the last 28th January.

FRIZONIA, specialized in refrigeration and air conditioning, will be in charge of developing the HVAC system of the PAF-L (Light River Support Patrol) vessel for the Navy from Colombia.

The Shipyard has already started the construction of the new ship. It will be 30 meters long and 7 meters wide.

It will have a crew capacity of up to 43 people.

The Colombian Navy will benefit from its great offensive capacity, given that the ship has high firepower.

FRIZONIA thanks COTECMAR for the trust placed in it, one more time. Also, its hospitality during the visit to the FRIZONIA direction, Javier Gamundi and Carlos González, to Colombia.

The history of collaborations between both entities is extensive. They can cite highlight projects such as the amphibious landing ships (BDA), Coast Patrol Boats (CPV), ARC Training Ship “Glora” Balizador, among others.


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