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At Frizonia, we consider ourselves excellent collaborators for shipowners, shipyards, and engineering firms. With our extensive experience in air conditioning and refrigeration, we are capable of developing highly complex and demanding projects.

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Customized solutions

Frizonia is defined as an exceptional collaborator for shipowners, shipyards, and engineering firms, being a specialist with vast experience in air conditioning and refrigeration. Our commitment goes beyond excellence; it is reflected in the ability to develop the most complex and demanding projects with precision and efficiency.




Conceptual, Functional, Basic, and Detail.
Computational Fluid Dynamics. Finite Element Analysis.
3D Modeling and Integration.
Piping, Ductwork, Mechanical, Electrical.
Life Cycle Support Engineering.


Taylor Made

Custom manufacturing of Air Handling Units, refrigeration equipment, and CBRN filtration units.


Equipment and Components

Supplying the entirety of equipment and components of the HVAC system.



Global assembly of the system, including all activities and disciplines that are part of the system (boilermaking, piping, electricity, ductwork, etc.)


Setting to work

Mechanical completion, setting to work, commissioning, and delivery of the systems.

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