FRIZONIA has participated in the 58th Congress of Marine Engineering and Maritime Industry organized by the Association of Naval and Oceanic Engineers of Spain (AINE). Act held from October 23 to 25, 2019 in San Fernando (Cádiz – SPAIN).

During the congress, multiple presentations were held in which the state of the art about ship design, propulsion systems, alternative energy, expedition cruises, IoT, Machine learning, cybersecurity and other topics of interest has been shown. Highlighting the analysis of the new situation of the shipyards with the emergence of Industry 4.0.

One of the events held at the congress was the celebration of a meeting in which prizes and thanks were given to the companies collaborating with the event.

With the active participation in the congress, FRIZONIA maintains its high commitment to continuous improvement. This type of event allows to know the tendency of the naval industry and the future needs of the market.

Mr. Javier Gamundi Fernández, CEO of FRIZONIA, and Mr. Carlos Delgado, Territorial Dean of Cantabria; at the time of the act of delivery of the Recognition to FRIZONIA.

The Admiral Second Chief of the Arsenal of Cádiz, Mr. Cristóbal González-Aller Lacalle and the Vice Admiral Director of Marine Construction of the Navy, Mr. Manuel Antonio Martínez Ruiz; with Mr. Luis Rodríguez Romero, CFO of FRIZONIA during the Congress.