Last Saturday, May 11th, FRIZONIA celebrated its 25th anniversary of career. For the celebration a great party was organized in a well-known restaurant located in the best area of the emblematic village of Sancti Petri, in Chiclana.

The event was attended by important personalities representing the Navy and Navantia as well as important companies in Engineering, Hydraulics, Industry, Cooling-Ventilation and other business activities related to Frizonia.

Among the events organized a lunch that included typical products of the land, live music and a catamaran ride.

At Frizonia we are proud to celebrate this important event together with some of the clients and friends that have accompanied us throughout these 25 years.

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The Hon. Mr. Cristóbal González-Aller Lacalle (Admiral Second Head of the Arsenal de la Carraca), Alejandro Fernández-Montero (Second Support Naval Base Facilities of Rota), and Agustín Jiménez Mota (Head Maintenance of the INA “Naval Installations”).

Tony Fernández Jove (Manager of Grupo Fernández Jove), Javier Gamundi (businessman of Frizonia), Emil Lepitak (businessman of Frizonia), Antonio Mackinlay (Delegate of Cádiz of the Fernández Jove Group), and Carlos González (Commercial Director of Frizonia).

Diego Chaves (Manager of Verlicoa, President of the FEMCA “Federation of Metal Companies of the Province of Cádiz”, and President of the Naval Maritime Cluster of Cádiz) together with his wife, Carlos González (Commercial Director of Frizonia), Raúl Castro Salas (Responsible for Frizonia Mexico), and Kira Casares (Secretary of Frizonia).

Javier Gamundi and Emil Lepitak (partners of Frizonia), and the first employees of Frizonia (Milagrosa de Celis, Luis Rodríguez, and Domingo Lobo).

Part of Frizonia’s team at the moment of extinguishing the candles of the commemorative cake of the 25th Anniversary.

Restaurant hall.