At the end of May, two relevant dates coincide for the naval sector and which are directly related to the commitments established by FRIZONIA through its Corporate Social Responsibility: the European Maritime Day and the World Biodiversity Day.

The European Maritime Day is celebrated this year in Den Helder (Netherlands), on May 20 and 21. For this, a series of physical and virtual events are developed, the objective of which is to make visible the relevance of the marine environment among European citizens.

For its part, World Biodiversity Day takes place on Saturday, May 22. Biological diversity can be defined as the set of all living beings on the planet, the environment in which they live and the relationship they have with the same species and with others.

Respecting and protecting biodiversity has a beneficial and direct effect on health, access to raw materials and water while avoiding natural disasters and the emergence of pandemics.

These concepts are widely related to the blue economy, which advocates the responsible and efficient exploitation of the resources of the sea and oceans.

FRIZONIA is actively committed to actions, studies, and applications that favor the blue economy, respect for the environment, and, ultimately, the sustainable performance of business tasks related to the marine environment.