FRIZONIA and COTECMAR have jointly performed the engineering review and integration in the 3D model of the HVAC System of the Patrullera Oceánica Colombiana (POC). The shipyard is immersed in the construction process of the vessel for the Colombian Navy (ARC).

In this project, FRIZONIA will execute the design and supply of HVAC equipment for accommodation, ventilation of machinery spaces, and refrigeration equipment and enclosures for cold rooms. The agreement was officially signed on March 9, 2023, during the Colombiamar trade fair.

During the review, the company visited the shipyard’s Design and Engineering Management (GEDIN) facilities, in Cartagena de Indias. COTECMAR has an extended reality laboratory (XR Lab), which allows it to optimize and facilitate the integration of systems from the early stages of design.

FRIZONIA adds a new project to the extensive list of collaborations it maintains with COTECMAR and the ARC.