Next Saturday, the Corvette Avante 2200 C / 550 UNAYZAH will launch. It is the fifth and last of the vessels built in Navantia Bahía de Cádiz for the Royal Saudi Navy.

FRIZONIA has been invited to the event as responsible for the engineering and design, manufacture, and installation of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) and refrigeration system of the ship.

Equally, FRIZONIA has executed the HVAC system for the others four ships included in the Avante 2200 program: C / 546 Al-Jubail, C / 547 Aldiriyah, C / 548 Hail, and C / 549 ‘Jazan’.

Navantia is scrupulously continuing its phased delivery plan for the five ships included in the program. This launch and the sea trials of C / 546 Al-Jubail attest to it.
FRIZONIA is a provider of “turnkey HVAC systems”. The company is proud to participate in these sea trials as part of the training process that the crews of the first corvettes, arriving in La Carraca last summer, are receiving.

The company thus values ​​after-sales service and training for crews.

Once again, FRIZONIA has the opportunity to thank Navantia for the trust it has placed. It also wants to congratulate the shipyard for its commendable work at the head of the project.

Congratulations that he extends to his human capital. Its professionalism and effort collaborate in the reach of the company’s objectives.