José Luis García Zaragoza Pérez is the new president of Cádiz naval maritime cluster replacing Diego Chaves, after taking possession in the electoral assembly of this organization, held at the headquarters of the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of the province of Cádiz.

José Luis García Zaragoza will be accompanied on its Board of Directors by the following team: Vice President, Jesús Rodríguez (Surcontrol); secretary, Javier Gamundi (Frizonia); treasurer, Raúl Quintana Raso (Elecam); Members: Javier Herrador del Río (Navantia), Sonia Chaves Fornell (Federation of Metal Entrepreneurs of the Province of Cádiz), Antonio Fernández Jove (Grupo Fernández Jove) and Jacob Jiménez Garrido (Official College of Industrial Technical Engineers of Cádiz).

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