FRIZONIA has been contracted to develop the Engineering, manufacturing and supply of the HVAC equipment for the vessel BALIZADOR. The scope of work includes the development of basic HVAC engineering, manufacturing and supply of chiller plants units, fan coils units and fans.

The vessel shall provide anchoring and spoiling services for the demarcation of the navigation channels and support with other navigational hazards. It shall have a deck area for work of 100 m², with accommodation for 15 persons and a working crane with a capacity of up to 15 tons.

COTECMAR has developed a design that responds to the international recommendations and guidelines of the International Association of Maritime Signs (IALA) of which Colombia has been a part since 2012, meeting with state-of-the-art for ships building requirements.

From FRIZONIA we are proud to have once again the confidence of COTECMAR.

Photo courtesy of COTECMAR.