FRIZONIA and LINDAB sign the collaboration agreement whereby FRIZONIA becomes a LINDAB naval dealer for Spain and Portugal.

LINDAB is the worldwide leader manufacturer of ventilation products and system solutions for Marine Industry. LINDAB’s products are characterised by high quality, ease of assembly, energy efficiency and environmentally-friendly design and are delivered with high levels of service.

LINDAB has more than 35 years’ experience of supplying ventilation solutions for everything from cruise ships, ferries and cargo ships to yachts, naval ships and oil rigs. Their continuous product development has made them one of the world’s leading suppliers to the HVAC industry. LINDAB solutions for the marine and offshore industries are based on the same well-known, tested and documented products. From 2020, the complete product range of LINDAB is available through FRIZONIA.

The synergy of these two companies consolidates a leap in the quality of the HVAC systems we design and in the service we can offer to our customers. This agreement also reinforces the position of FRIZONIA and LINDAB in the Spanish and Portuguese markets.

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