FRIZONIA receives the Mayoress os San Fernando at its Headquarters

visita alcaldesa Patricia Cavada
visita alcaldesa Patricia Cavada

The Mayoress of San Fernando, Patricia Cavada, visited the headquarters of Frizonia in the town, accompanied by María Gómez, Councillor for Economic Development. Both have had the opportunity to closely learn about the company’s ongoing projects, as well as its extensive experience in the Naval and Defence sector over their 30 years of service, and to develop different ways of working with the local govern with the aim of boosting employment in the sector.

During the visit, Frizonia’s management guided the visitor through their offices and presented the most notable projects that Frizonia has worked on during its 30 years of experience in the Naval and Defence, Offshore, and Industrial sectors. In addition, Mayoress Cavada spoke with Frizonia’s team of engineers about the company’s ongoing work and observed some of the tests for their R&D projects.

After her visit, the Mayoress congratulated Frizonia for the support it has given to innovation and the creation of high-quality jobs in the city. The meeting was highly satisfactory and laid the groundwork for potential collaboration between the city council and the company to improve employment opportunities for locals in a growing sector.


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