FRIZONIA and COTECMAR review the progress of PAF-L vessel

The Light Riverine Patrol Support Vessel is being built by the COTECMAR shipyard and FRIZONIA has designed and supplied its HVAC system.

The engineer Jefferson Pérez, Manager of the PAF-L project, has received the CEO of FRIZONIA, Carlos González, at the Mamonal plant of the COTECMAR Corporation, where they have verified the good progress of the project.

FRIZONIA is developing the HVAC system for the PAF-L and has already delivered all the main equipment. They are in the process of installation on board. All deadlines set in the construction schedule are being strictly adhered to.

The Shipyard is celebrating 22 years since its foundation. In addition, on Saturday, July 23rd they celebrated the launching of 3 units. A milestone in its successful history.

FRIZONIA would like to thank Engineer Jefferson Perez for his welcome. It also congratulates the whole team of the factory for their professionalism and good work. COTECMAR and FRIZONIA “keep moving forward” with present and future projects.


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