Heads of the Instituto Hidrográfico de la Marina visit FRIZONIA’s facilities.

Last week, representing the Hydrographic Institute of the Navy, a delegation visited the FRIZONIA facilities in San Fernando. The delegation included its director, CN Salvador Espinosa González-Llanos, CC Luis Rusillo, Head of the Hydrography Department, and TN Álvaro Fernández Martín, Chief Engineer of the Hydrographic Ship Malaspina. This initial visit allowed the attendees to get a firsthand look at the new facilities of the company. These facilities have been inaugurated around the 30th anniversary of FRIZONIA.

In addition to the facility tour, the officials from the Hydrographic Institute of the Navy had the opportunity to meet a significant portion of the human team that makes up the offices and workshops of the company. They also had time to discuss topics related to the military programs of interest to the Institute in which FRIZONIA is currently involved.

FRIZONIA’s management hopes that this will be “the first meeting of many with the Instituto Hidrográfico de la Marina”.


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